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Chairman Message

Welcome to the Cornelius Law College.

Law is an exciting intellectual adventure and this year we are celebrating the spirit of exploration that permeates the College, from our senior academics to our first-year students.

The Cornelius Law College is illustrative of a College whose academics are intellectually engaged. This in turn means that students benefit from their vitality and enthusiasm for their subject, and study becomes an intellectual adventure that challenges and enriches them.

Being a part of the Cornelius Law College means belonging to the large family that is law. There is a rich and rewarding mix of formal and informal encounters with those who make the law, teach the law, practice the law and, above all, enjoy the law.

I urge you to make the most of your time here. Enjoy the beautiful building in which we work.

There is a wealth of opportunities to join with staff, visiting intellectuals and professionals and your fellow students to enhance your learning.

I wish you well.

Barrister Hassan Dastgir

Chairman Cornelius Group of Law Colleges

Bar-at-Law (Lincoln’s Inn, UK)

LLM (Kingston University, UK)

GDL (College of Law of England & Wales, UK)

LHEC (Oxford University, UK)

LLB (Punjab University)

Bliss it is to be a part of Cornelius Life!

Cornelius Law College, is providing an environment where intensive studies and intensive fun intertwine seamlessly to create a vibrant academic community like no other. Nestled within our packed academic calendar are rigorous exams, thought-provoking co-curricular activities, and enriching extra-curricular pursuits. At Cornelius, students thrive on the exhilarating balance between academic rigor and joyful engagement, cherishing every moment as an integral part of Cornelius life. Join us as we embark on a journey of scholarly pursuit and memorable experiences, shaping the future legal minds of tomorrow with passion and dedication.

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Campus Facilities


Well-stocked with legal texts, journals, case studies, and online resources.

Moot Court Room

Simulated courtrooms for mock trials and practice sessions.

Computer Lab

Well equipped with legal software & digital books for research and drafting.

Seminar Halls

Spaces for academic discussions, workshops, and guest lectures.

Career Counseling

Guidance for internships, job placements, and career development.

Extra Curriculum Activities

CLCS focuses on Extra-curricular activities which are essential for a well-rounded education and personal development.


Studying at Cornelius Law College has been an enriching journey! Exceptional faculty, vibrant community, and top-notch resources have shaped my legal acumen. Grateful for an inspiring environment fostering growth and success.

Ahmad Shehzad / Student CLC

At Cornelius Law College, I’ve found my passion ignited. Exceptional mentors, dynamic curriculum, and a supportive network make learning law an exhilarating experience. Proud to be part of this transformative journey

Hurmat Fatima / Student CLC

Studying at Cornelius Law College has been transformative! Outstanding faculty, robust curriculum, and a supportive network have empowered me for a thriving legal career. Proud to be part of this exceptional institution

Esha Asad / Student CLC