About Us

Bliss it is to be a part of Cornelius Life!

Cornelius Law College, is providing an environment where intensive studies and intensive fun intertwine seamlessly to create a vibrant academic community like no other. Nestled within our packed academic calendar are rigorous exams, thought-provoking co-curricular activities, and enriching extra-curricular pursuits. At Cornelius, students thrive on the exhilarating balance between academic rigor and joyful engagement, cherishing every moment as an integral part of Cornelius life. Join us as we embark on a journey of scholarly pursuit and memorable experiences, shaping the future legal minds of tomorrow with passion and dedication.


Our vision is to cultivate Legal Education that fosters the progress, safeguarding, and advocacy of Human Dignity, Social Welfare, and Justice through a profound comprehension and knowledge of the law. Our vision is to become the epitome of excellence, upholding the highest academic and professional standards while actively contributing to the advancement of a just and equitable society.


Our primary aim is to attain excellence in equipping legal professionals to serve the public and the justice system with unwavering dedication to their vocation. We achieve this by offering a comprehensive legal education that encompasses a well-rounded curriculum and effective teaching methods. Our focus is not only on imparting knowledge of the law but also on developing the practical skills necessary for its application. We are committed to nurturing socially conscious lawyers who possess substantial legal knowledge, uphold a high level of professional commitment, and embrace ethical and moral values as integral aspects of their practice.